Census of Population at Lake Nipigon

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Census of Population at Lake Nipigon

Name of document:

Census of Population at Lake Nipigon, 1850

Type of document:

Primary documentation, census, Indian Affairs Records

Summary of the data:

This census was produced for the Indian Department of the Aboriginal population at Lake Nipigon in June of 1850 by an unknown author. It lists a number of family names and clans. Included in this census is the family name LaGuarde, clan names include Moose, Barbotte, Loon, Eagle, Bear, Kingfisher, Lynx, Beaver, Carp and Halfbreed. The clan titled Halfbreed listed one female. The LaGaurde family is listed as being part of the Loon clan. The LaGaurde family articulated here may correspond to the family listed as Joseph Legarde Senr. on the 1850, 51 pay lists (see Founding Families), here the family is identified as being part of the Long Lake Band. The LaGaurde family name also appears on the Census of Canada for 1881, Algoma District, here the name is spelt Lagard.

According to Alison Gale's Robinson Treaty Historical Report, there was a separate list dedicated to the "Company Servants-Indian & halfbreed" of which 17 people are included.

Finally, there is a note at the end of the census which reads "*Indians marked thus [have?] a right to share in the proceeds of the sale of Fort William Lands, on the Grounds of being descended from Indians of the Grand Portage - or on the [part?] of their wives being descendants of those Indians" (Gale 8).

Important dates mentioned in the document:

June 1, 1850: Date of census publication.

Important people discussed in the document:

LaGuardes (family name)

Specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):

Lake Nipigon, Ontario

Non-specific location(s) mentioned in the document (if applicable):


Specific event(s) identified in the document (if applicable):


Relevant citations:

Gale, Alison. "Robinson Treaty Métis: Historical Report." Claims Research and Assessment Directorate Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. (1998). Print.

Library and Archives Canada, RG. 10, "Census of Population at Lake Nipigon," volume 9501, 1850, pp. 154-160, microfilm reel C-7167.

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